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The Big Game: Would you Rather have a "Tight End" or "Wide Receiver"?

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Home of Super Bowl LIV

We realize not all Cider companies write Superbowl blog posts but at Dickens Cider we like to do things differently. Superbowl LV is here and we are pretty pumped about it. The KC (Kansas City) Chiefs take on the TB (Tom Brady) Buccaneers in what might well be the last time we see "The GOAT" play in a Superbowl.

Now, we know it's strange for a Cider company to be talking about American Football, and let us state that Dickins Cider does not sponsor any football teams... but if we did, it would surely be the Helsinki 69ers.

The Helsinki 69ers Logo
The Helsinki 69ers

For our blog post today, we wanted to provide you with some armour for your Superbowl trivia tonight to get you excited for the game and perhaps a Good, Hard Dickins Cider.

Here we go:

  1. As of this writing, Peyton Manning is the only starting quarterback to have won the Super Bowl with two different teams. Of course, his "special" talent of a brother also won two Super Bowls (same team) so maybe it's not all that difficult.

  2. Balls, Balls, Balls. We’re not talking about the men’s locker room here but according to ball manufacturer, Wilson approximately 120 balls are used during a typical Super Bowl.

  3. Tight ends love Dickins Cider and Kansas City has a history of having some of the best Tight Ends in the game. Yes, they've had Tony Gonzalez and now Travis Kelce but honestly, our eyes are firmly on Rob Gronkowski tonight. If he takes the Lombardi home, we hope his wife rewards him with his Good, Hard, Dickins Cider.

  4. Rysen John of the New York Giants, is reportedly big fan of Dickins Cider and may be the latest proof that Dickins Cider has transformative powers of turning Tight Ends into Wide Receivers.

Mahomes vs. Brady Dickins Cider
Looking thirsty, boys!

There's been a lot of hype over this game, in what's surely to be a great matchup of two generational talents at the quarterback position (we can think of a few better positions). Will this be the "passing of the torch" that ESPN and Sportscenter hype-men are making it out to be? Or is Tom Brady gonna have yet another 4th quarter Superbowl Comeback, fling a 69yd touchdown pass to Gronk, win the game, ride off into the sunset with Giselle and come back to do it 7 more times? Either outcome is seemingly just as likely, which is sure to make this one hell of a match.

All that is left to do now is put some cold ones in the fridge, make sure the ice-trays are full, keep your eyes on that one special person and count down the minutes till this is all over so you can go have your Good, Hard Dickins Cider™.

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